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Discover Financial Independence

What does it mean to be financially independent?  You don’t have to be rich.  In fact, that can be a burden.  Start here to discover a new way of thinking.

Overall Education:  FIology

Mr. Money Mustache:  The Shockingly Simple Math 
JL Collins: Why You Need “F-You” Money
Listen to each of these pioneers on the first 2 podcasts: The Mad FIentist
Listen to ChooseFI podcast: The Pillars of FI
Join the Facebook group: ChooseFI Facebook Group

Maybe you are already in debt.  Get your act together: Dave Ramsey

Be Radical: Early Retirement Extreme
Backpack Full-time: How to Afford the Lifestyle
Live in a Tiny House: Living Big on YouTube
Move to a Cheaper City: GeoArbitrage with The Groovy’s
Start a Side Hustle: The PopUp Business School
Live Simply: The Frugalwoods
With Kids: Root Of Good
Earn Save Invest: ESI Money
Invest in Real Estate: Afford Anything, Bigger Pockets, or Coach Carson

Retiring Early, Good to Great: The Retirement Manifesto
Financial Freedom: Budgets are Sexy
An Interactive Guide, Enter Your Personal Numbers: MinaFI
The Four Percent Rule: Go Curry Cracker
Safe Withdrawal Rates: Big ERN at Early Retirement Now

For a Huge Directory of Blogs, Podcasts, Books, etc: Rockstar Finance

Happiness and Attitude: The Happy Philosopher and Raptitude